About Us

About Summit

Summit is a group of like minded people interested in computing, programs, and modern innovations/research in technology that shape the world we live in. We believe these technologies can improve our everyday lives, make information easier to access, and drives those with a vision to research and innovate. We recognise the benefits from advancements in education and researching with these technologies, and security and reliability that users expect and should get from the products they use.

Security & Reliability: We utilize innovative technologies to provide a user-first experience with our products, while listening to our users for what they expect and would like to see from us. We believe that security and reliability are important for all technologies, and we strive to ensure these qualities in our products.

Modern Technology, Modern World: We've previously shown support for smart cities, and the ways they improve the overall quality of life. We continue to support the organizations, members, and individuals that produce these technologies for the common good.

Education & Research: We support fact-backed technological research, link to and/or review research, and occasionally conduct our own research with these technologies. Advancements in education and research have changed the world many times in the past, and will continue do do so in the future.

Modern Experience & Innovation in Our Daily Lives

These technologies are already a part of our daily lives in the forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, 5G, , among many others. Education and innovation improve lives. Modern technologies make education, innovation, and further advancements possible.